15th August Wishes and Greetings

15th August Is A Day Revered As Independence Day Of India From The Kingdom Of Great Britain. Since India Got Into Existence I.E 15th August, 1947, The Day Of Independence Has Been Celebrated With Love, Passion And Consistency. Each Year People Of Hindustan Celebrate It With Positively And Patriotism. No Matter What Is Going On With The Country, What Are The Current Economic Or Political Situations, People Celebrate This Day Above All. They Create Examples Of Passion And Priority. The Stalls Are Placed In The City Crowded With People Especially Children Buying The Stuff Related To The Day Including Badges, Flags, Stickers, Bands And Embellishments Etc. Greeting Msgs Are Also Sent To One Another As Well. We Have Made A Beautiful Collection For You.
15th August Wishes Greetings

15th August Wishes Sms

  1. The day of sacrifice, the day of love,
    The day of decision celebration.
    The message of the Whole World Happy Independence Day.
  2. Freedom Is The Best Thing One Can Cherish,
    It Is The Day That Reminds Us Of Our Freedom And Independence.
    Happy Independence Day!
  3. It Is The Day, When We Got This Beautiful Land,
    Free Days And Free Nights,
    Happy Dawns And Happy Dusks,
    Own Occasions And Own Traditions,
    This Is The Day,
    We Got Our Identity, A Life With Peace..
    Happy Independence Day!
  4. Too Big Or Too Small,
    A Cage Is Always A Cage,
    Never Acceptable, Always Haunting,
    Let’s Appreciate Our Freedom,
    Let’s Celebrate The Day With Passion And Positively..
    Happy Independence Day!
  5. Some 60 Plus Years Ago,
    Peaceful And Calm,
    People Took The Responsibility,
    Shaking The Nation’s Ability,
    Then It Came Into Reality,
    Happy Independence Day!
  6. No One Can Change Someone’s Fortune
    Until He/She Is Willing Himself/Herself,
    Then This Nation Decided To Take Step,
    To Follow The Footprints Of Their Leader,
    To Make Their Dreams Come True,
    This Was The Day, When We Had A Separate Land
    Happy Independence Day!
  7. Let’s Bring Out Your Flag,
    Put It On Your Roof,
    Let It Fly,
    Let It Rise,
    Flaunt It,
    Wear It,
    Increase Your Passion, Stay Positive And Keep Calm
    Because It’s About Hindustan
    Happy Independence Day!
  8. Hindustan Was Made In The Name Of Our Vision,
    Let’s Follow Our Religion,
    Let’s Lighten Up This Light In Our Souls And Spirits,
    Let’s Put Our Energies,
    Let’s Be Honest With Whatever We Do, Let’s Enjoy The True Essence Of Freedom..
    Happy Independence Day!
  9. Hindustan Has Always Stayed And Will Stay Always And Always Because
    It Was Made In The Name Of Independence,
    It Is An Infinite Blessing,
    Let’s Protect It And Tribute Our Heroes..
    Happy Independence Day!
  10. Just Correct Your Own Deeds,
    Just Initiate Your Efforts,
    Just Put Hindustan First,
    Just Value Your Freedom..
    Happy Independence Day!
  11. Let’s Work Together,
    Let’s Do A Promise With Ourselves,
    Whatever We Will Do,
    We Will Do Honestly,
    With Love And Purity,
    This Gives You Surety,
    Hindustan Is Authority..
    Happy Independence Day!

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