18th Birthday Wishes For Son Or Daughter From Parents

18th Birthday sms messages and text msgs for your to wish 18th happy birthday from your mobile phone. All English 18th birthday sms messages collection are meant to sent greetings , wishes and best of luck on 18h Birthday of your lover , friends , parents or other. Now pick your favorite post and wish your members.

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18th Birthday Wishes

  • My feeling can`t express in words,
    I am very happy here I have a beautiful,
    Gift for you on your 18th
    This is one and only Happy Birthday Dear.
  • Now Dear you are in 18th year of life,
    You know it is a very dangerous stage,
    I hope you understand what I am said.
    Anyway Happy Birthday Dear.
  • Blessing of Allah showered on you,
    Because now you are in 18 years of life,
    I know this is a teen age now be careful from evil.
    Happy Birthday My Sweetheart.
  • Parents mean instructor,
    Parents mean guide liner,
    Parents mean caring.
    So now you are in 18 year of your life,
    My Dear evil are everywhere so protect,
    Your self from it.
    Happy Birthday My Dear.
  • You don’t know my feeling about
    you getting 18. You have passed your
    past 17 years of your life with grace. I
    want to see you happier and more
    confident now. Happy Birthday and best
    of luck for your future.
  • Welcome the 18th year of your life.
    This is happiest moment but It comes
    to you with great responsibility. Wish
    Happy birthday to you.
  • By seeing you I always realized that
    how lucky I am to get a daughter like
    I enjoyed your 17 year life. Wish
    you get every success. Know you are
    18 beware of evil eyes. Happy birthday.
  • Life is like a game of thrones a game of
    Because as you go further you have
    to face more difficulties. You have passed
    17 years of your life with grace and I want
    to see you successive in your 18th year and
    all through your life, Best of luck. Happy
  • Happy birth day
    today is the big day of the
    person who has made me feels
    so blessed and lucky to have
    him as my child.
  • May you have all the joy
    your heart can hold. All the
    smiles a day can bring. All
    the blessing a life can unfold
    may you get the world’s best
    in everything.
    Wishing you a happy 18th