1st Wedding Anniversary Wishes

Wedding is the matter of changing of lifestyles, situations, commitments, relations and bonding between two people. One gets familiar with the habits and likings and disliking of his\her spouse within few months. 1st wedding anniversary is the big moment for both partners. The life lasting bond between the spouses, especially the 1st year is heavenly and filled with excitements. Wishes for both husband-wife are different. A few of them are mentioned below:


1st Wedding Anniversary Wishes

  • “I MISS YOU” is not just a word, it is a feeling
    That hurts the most. You can’t express your feeling
    Of missing some one and no other person.
    I love My Sweet Heart. Happy Anniversary.
  • You make the real difference in my
    life and I hope to spend the good and
    peaceful life similar to this year.
    Happy 1st Anniversary.
  • May Allah give you strength and good
    health and I assure you that I will be
    there by your side in every situation.
    Happy 1st Anniversary.
  • May the Lord prospers, your life through
    me and we led a peaceful life ahead always.
    Happy 1st Anniversary.
  • I am happy to see your smiling face and
    wish to have happier moments tomorrow.
    Happy 1st Anniversary.
  • You are my only companion who lifts me up on
    the hard situations and I feel stronger and stronger
    day by day through your love, care and respect.
    Happy 1st Anniversary.
  • You are the best couple and seem to
    be made for each other. Wishing you a
    very happy 1st anniversary from your friend.
  • Bro! I love to see you together and may
    you have a long nice journey hereafter.
    Happy 1st Anniversary.
  • My house becomes home due to your
    affection for all the family members
    and especially for my son. Thanks and
    wish you a happy, peaceful life in the future.
    Happy 1st Anniversary.
  • Now I truly understand the meaning
    of friendship and which one is the better
    option is none other than your husband
    my dear. Enjoy the ride and wishing you
    a very happy 1st anniversary.
  • Although the years keep passing,
    perhaps like only share continues to
    strengthen with the passage of time.
    Happy 1st Anniversary.
  • I just wanted to give you best wishes.
    I still love, honor and cherish for many
    years to come.
    Happy 1st Anniversary.
  • I wish you happy birthday gala to celebrate
    the very last year of love and compassion.
    Dedication that life has to offer.
    Happy 1st Anniversary.
  • You can celebrate the many years
    together, and to stand the test of time
    and show a stronger happier.
    Happy 1st Anniversary.
  • With the passage of time and the
    elements of life and seems to be
    stronger than the corrosive material.
    However, it is clear to see that nothing can
    lead to the erosion of their love for each other.
    Happy 1st Anniversary.
  • It is really amazing to see that
    you are still deeply in love with
    each other after so many years.
    Can there be a lot of good times ahead.
    Happy 1st Anniversary.
  • Aphrodite itself can never be a great
    love and the bonds that unite us.
    You always have so carefully
    and incredible love.
    Happy 1st Anniversary.
  • Must learn to bend the tree when
    the wind is to avoid breaking, together,
    we learned to bend under difficult
    circumstances and stand next good times.
    Happy 1st Anniversary.
  • Remember the good and forget the
    bad times and remember the good and
    forget the sad memories. Proud of love
    that lasted a long time that even the
    angels rejoice in song.
    Happy 1st Anniversary.
  • During the good times and the bad of
    the two resisted the real test of time, every
    year more and more together, and get closer.
    Happy 1st Anniversary.
  • Congratulations spent another year together.
    Your life will be full of love, laughter and happiness.
    Happy 1st Anniversary.
  • Find true love that lasts thrive and grow
    with the passage of time is really a blessing.
    Keeps they have many years of cultivation
    blessed with love and affection another.
    Happy 1st Anniversary.
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