6 September Images, Defence Day Sms, Youm-e-Difa

6 September Sms collection is here. The day which is called the Defence Day, Youm-e-Difa and with many other names but it is simply the day of dignity, honor, success, and sacrifice which our martyrs gave in serving for this country and they served it honorably. Its a day to be proud of on being Pakistani and having such brave Soldiers. The first priority of these Soldiers is protecting and dignifying our country. No matter how much blood or sacrifices are needed our Army is always there for us, for our country, and for our nation. Here we have just paid a tribute to the martyrs of 6 September Incidence. The amazing and unforgettable effort our Army made to keep their country high. Hope you will like our collection go ahead read these and select your favorite to send to your loved ones. Go ahead and read the sensational collection of 6 September Sms.

6 September Sms

6 September Sms

  • It is the day to pay tribute to the martyrs of Pakistan. May their souls rest in peace and what they did for our country will never be forgotten. Pakistan Zindabaad!
  • They gave us the goodwill messages that their and country will always remain happy and safe. May all of them remain in peace in that better place. Happy Pakistan Defence Day.
  • Hope should never be left this is the message of this day and it has to be delivered to everyone who calls himself a Pakistani. Because this was not just a day it was the start of a new era.
  • Our Martyrs who gave their lives in that battlefield for the safety and dignifying our country. Their tales of bravery are told everywhere since that day. These Brave Men will always be remembered with honor.
  • September 6, is an example of bravery because they set an example for everyone that we are peace-loving people but if you will try to play with that. We can and we will always be there to prove the other side wrong. Happy Defence Day, Pakistan Zindabad.
  • Whenever this day comes it keeps our heads up in proud and honor for those who sacrificed their lives for saving their nation and their country. Happy Defence day!
  • After this day it was no more a doubt on the feelings of Pakistanis for their beloved country and what can they do for maintaining and stabilizing its nobleness. Happy Defence Day of Pakistan to all Pakistanis.
  • This day gives us moments and memories to be proud of and on being Proud Pakistani. This country has given us so much that we can not thank it but remembering the sacrifices of those who lost their lives in dignifying it.

6 September Messages

Defence Day Pictures

  • The message of this day to us is that it keeps reminding us that nothing is impossible if you have the willpower to do something you will do it. Happy Defence Day to you dear!
  • May our country keep getting progressive day by day and may all the Martyrs of September 6, 1965 rest in peace. May Allah give them higher places in Heaven.
  • Giving your life is not easy but our Soldiers proved that they can protect their country from every outcoming threat and they will always be doing that. Pakistan Zindabad!
  • Martyrs are the dignity of a country who served their country with their own blood but have not allowed anyone to harm our beautiful country. Happy Defence Day!
  • Whenever there is war many innocent people die. Whenever someone tries to win war before it started people die. People because they had their feelings high enough for their country to serve their lives. May this subcontinent now always remain in peace and every country and every nation remain peaceful and happy.
  • As Pakistani we are peace-loving, we are friendly people and we never want to start the fight and if someone wants to then September 6 is the best answer to them. Happy 6 September.
  • The most respectful day and one of these biggest on which Pakistan got its identity. We should never forget those Martyrs of 1965 who gave their lives to protect it. Happy Defence day of Pakistan.

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