Advice Sms Collection

Advice Messages are often given by the elders to the younger but, sometimes experience is greater than the non experience person in the Desired Field. Messages regarding the advice’s are various in numbers.

Advice Sms Collection

Advice Sms Collection

  • Beware from bad buddies habit,
    If you follow them you will destroy your own life.
  • I have completed the task in a short time.
    The power is not only my knowledge.
    I always recite “In the name of Allah Who
    is merciful and beneficial” in the beginning.
  • Experienced person always gives the best
    advice rather than the non experienced persons.
  • I gave advice to my little princess.
    “Never took the advice which always goes in favor of you.”
    Neither act nor disagree but listen to everyone.
    It will help you to choose the best among them.
  • A wise man never force the people to do the things.
    He only shows the direction and the people
    choose the appropriate path of their own mind.
  • If the heart doesn’t agree and satisfy
    with the decision. Took the small steps carefully.
  • I took advice from my mother because she is my idol.
    But it’s not necessary this would be in favor of others.
  • Commitment should be encouraged only if it
    reflects the direction which have shown
    at the time of commitment.
  • Satisfaction always receive through forgiveness.
    Return always lead to discomfort. That’s true.
  • Key to success and key to unlock the success
    is often different from each other.
    Choose the suitable one at the right time.
  • Mom:
    Son, shut down the PC, Off the light,
    Drink the water, Put the alarm,
    recite the holy verses etc.
    I want to give you an advice.
    Do it by yourself.
    I am the son of yours.
  • Father: my friend’s son is becoming an engineer.
    I advice you to take some guidelines from him?
    Son: your friend is a doctor.
    Similar advice from my side to you.
    First turn is yours.
  • If you want to learn cooking,
    first of all put all the ingredients in the bowl
    and measure the quantity carefully.
    This is the true advice for the recent cooking joiners.
  • If you are in trouble then,
    recite this “Allah helps those who help others”.
    You will automatically get the solution. Try it once.
  • A very useful tip for the young girls
    who has a dark complexion. Eat the apples
    and drink the milk as much as you can.
  • I believe in those advices who act upon them first.
    Giving lectures to others is often
    the hobby of many people and advisers.


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