Aidilfitri Wishes in English

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri is a Big prestigious Islamic event. It is celebrated with full religious spirit. People hug and wish one another that reflect the true spirit. A new trend of sending Aidilfitri Wishes and Aidilfitri Sms has made its sound place. Here we have a collection.

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Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri Wishes Sms Greetings

  • Eid is a “Day” which come with happiness
    and joy , wish this day joy with your special one and all
  • Many of the wishes being directed his mode
    but that superior somebody for a day of EID day.
  • Mom and dad I fall in love with you In first sight when
    I open up my eyes when I was a child of some minutes.
  • Happy EID-UL-FITR may you have many more long life.
    Always be Happy and healthy, Take care GOD Bless you.Top of Form
  • may all your dreams come true this year
    Each day had good story Life become dramatic
    And you become an actor Again as a young.
  • With this hope I wish you have a wonderful eid and
    you got more chances of getting more successful memories.
  • Eid is the time of happiness and it splashes
    the happiness without discrimination.
  • Eid ul fitar is not only the gift for the fasting people
    it is the market of blessings for every one
    which holds millions of gift in itself.
  • Eid is a religious celebration of all the facts
    Muslims have been through.
    I really wish you a joyous one.
  • At the end of fasting days, Allah gives us
    a treat of Eid. Wish you a happy one this time.
  • Eid is a religious celebration in which we thank Allah for
    passing successfully the noble fasts. May Allah gives
    us strength to fast every year in our life.

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