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Happy Anniversary Quotes Wishes

Anniversary means the journey of two people, which fulfill their life by the presence of both. The love, the care, the feelings for the true relation becomes stronger and closer with the arrival of the Special Anniversary Day. Whole memories become fresher with the special anniversary moment. Happy Anniversary Quotes Wishes Happy moments are always

Smile Sms Messages

Smile the beauty of our lives, the one expression that can really change someone’s world. Your sweet smile can really make your and others world a special place to live in. Imagine a world where everyone loves each other and share this beautiful expression of smile with each other. A world worth lives in and

Short SMS Messages

SMS is of great importance in our lives today. They are an integral source of communication. A few of the wise short Sms messages are mentioned below: Short SMS Messages Never loss Hope in the darkness of life. Love, love and love. That’s what you are meant for Always live  a happy life. It makes

Wise Quotes Sms

The words of wisdom are always a great source of Inspiration and relief in all tough time a man faces. They can really make n mar someone’s life. A few of the thought provoking words are mentioned below: Wise Quotes Sms Never lose the hope, this is the only key that keeps you connected with the

Sorry and Apology Sms

We in life often encounter situations where we really hurt people due to our reactions and harsh words. It’s not a rule for one it happens to all but the wise one are those who admit their faults and take the first step in Apologizing. It makes you feel good in others as well as

Women’s Day SMS

Women’s day is celebrated internationally to divert the man centered society’s attention to this beautiful creature of God. Below are mentioned a few of the inspirational Women’s day SMS: Women’s Day SMS The most precious gift of God to this planet is a woman. She is the pivot source of love in every way. Wish

Teachers Day Sms Messages

The Teacher is a person who is next to our parents and can really guide us to the righteous path for being a good human being. A very wise saying depicts the role of a teacher as a reformer of the nation. Below are mentioned some thought provoking SMS that you can share in making

Good Morning Sms and Quotes

A beautiful morning message makes someone smile on the very start of their day and a day well started means a good day ahead. This is the best way to stay on someone’s mind If you send them a beautiful Messages on the start of the day, you will be on their mind all day

1st Wedding Anniversary Wishes

Wedding is the matter of changing of lifestyles, situations, commitments, relations and bonding between two people. One gets familiar with the habits and likings and disliking of his\her spouse within few months. 1st wedding anniversary is the big moment for both partners. The life lasting bond between the spouses, especially the 1st year is heavenly