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Mother’s Day Wishes For Social Media 2016

Just to tell that how much I love my mother, I have poured my heart out in these wishes.  Every relation can be replaces but nobody can ever take the place of a Mother.  Here are few Mother’s day wishes .  Mothers Day Wishes Sms For Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter When all things seem to slip

Happy Mother’s Day Quotes 2016

Mother is a blessing of God. No love can replace a mother’s love. She give rise to her kids from her womb and nurture her and protects her till the end. Happy Mother’ Day Quotes Messages For 2015 She is a best friend She will always listen to you She will always solve your queries

Happy Mother’s day Sayings 2016

Some people say action speaks louder than words but sometime Words are required to show to love and presence, here are some special wishes for this special occasion. Happy Mother’s Day Sayings For 2015 A special day is here And I don’t want to lose this day To tell you that I am here for

Decent Happy Mother’s Day Greetings Sms 2016

Every year, world celebrates mother’s day to honor the mothers across globe. This day is celebrated to show love and respect to all the mothers out there. Decent Mother’s Day Greetings Sms 2015 When God created this world, He put worries and trials in it to test us. And then He put mother in it,

Happy Mother’s Day Messages 2016

Everyone has his/her own friend or special person, to who share all feelings and problems. My mother is my friend, I can easily share my all problems to her and she will solve easily. There are some messages which you can share with your friends. Happy Mother’s Day Messages 2015 No love is deeper than

Happy Mother’s Day Wishes 2016

When you miss the most important movement of life we read and write poetry here are some words for mother, its mother’s day special. Happy Mother’s Day Wishes 2015 Gathering hands around your neck Taking swings by sitting at your back These feelings can’t be replace by anything I wish u a very happy mother

Mother’s Day Wishes From Daughter 2016

Mother and daughter share a beautiful relationship. To show more on how a daughter feels about her mother, read the lines given below. Mother’s Day Wishes From Daughter 2016 When I was kid you would dress me you would make me look pretty now its my turn to love you back love you mom I

Happy Mother’s Day Jokes 2016

Give your mother some happy moment this mother’s day by sharing with her these funny and refreshing jokes. Happy Mother’s Day Jokes 2016 once a baby snake came to his mother worried sick baby snake: mom does our poison kill? Mother snake: yes, why? Baby snake ( with tears ): I Just bite my Tongue,

Best Mother’s Day Wishes Sms 2016

Mother is the best thing that happens to us in this world. To realise her worth, we need to understand who she is. The lines given below are dedicated to our mothers. Best Mother’s Day Wishes Sms 2016 I wish you smile like this forever I wish you stay with me forever I wish you

Happy Mother’s Day Poems 2016

Mother is that special mean of prosperity through which we get strength and motivation to bring impossible thing’s possible. Some poems for mother on this special occasion. Happy Mother’s Day Poems 2015 When heart is broken When everyone use you like a rough paper, Throw you to a trash That time someone came, touch you

Mother’s day Greetings 2016

Everyone wish great for their parents some wishes for mother on the Mother’s day. There are various greeting and wishing which will send you to your mother on this specific day. Mother’s day Greetings 2015 You teach me at every step of life and at this day I just wish that may Allah give to

Beautiful 2016 Mother’s Day Sms Quotes

Among the most beautiful relationships in the world, the purest is the relationship of mother and children. Here are some beautiful words for beauty of this relation on Mother’s day. Beautiful 2015 Mother’s Day Sms Quotes When I was kid i Had no strength to do anything You were there for me for this my

Happy Mother’s day Sms 2016

Mother is the most precious gift anyone can ever have. God created her with purity. Mother is the most valuable relation on this planet. On this special occasion of mother’s day I just want to thank her for all the difficulties she faced due to me and all I want to say is that I

Happy Mother’s Day Poetry 2016

For the very special person on this earth” My Mother” Mother is very special person for everyone in this world, Mother’s day is specify the special day for people, they can enjoy and Send Wishes to Friends, Family and Others. Happy Mother’s Day Poetry 2016 The dark the cold, all remind me of you and

Hot New Year SMS for 2015

NEW YEAR SMS has just identified the new days, which are coming to assure you happiness and loving days. There are some hot and spicy SMS which intimate you that how can you get new happiness. Hot New Year SMS for 2015 One year have 365 days, One day have 24 hours, One hour have 60

New Year SMS For Daughter

NEW YEAR 2015 comes various of happiness with them, but it is the amazing day for parents and daughter, there are many wishes that parents wish to their daughter. New Year SMS For Daughter New year have new hope, New year have new thing, New year have new relations, So very Happy new year from daughter.

Best Eid ul Azha Wishes 2015

Eid ul Azha is the great and fabulous event for the Muslim, at this day Muslim will celebrate this day with sacrifice of Goat. Muslims can follow the Islamic rules and give this sacrifice. In this day many people say wishes to other people, if there are friends, mother, father, sister, brother, uncle, colleagues, grandmother

Eid ul Adha Sms Messages 2015

Do you know what the meaning of Eid is, it means that you will enjoy in World with your parents, beloved and friends. You are wish to very warm Eid ul adha 2015. Eid ul Adha Sms Messages 2015 Eid ul Adha mean event of sacrifice So let join to do this  event and agree Allah.

Eid ul Adha Greetings 2015

Eid will brings you many happiness of life, everybody need Greeting and SMS that they supposed to send their family or friends so that share their feelings. There are various Greetings for you and your family, let’s find out. Eid ul Adha Greetings 2015 Eid is the event of happiness and joy Let make some