Baby wishes Quotes

Babies are just like Devil when they done naughty tricks. But their all acts full of Innocence and free from any sort conspiracy.

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Baby Wishes Quotes

  • A baby is probably the biggest gift given to a women,
    I wish that your baby become a shining star like in the
    sky that has its own importance.
  • May your baby become the happiest baby on the earth.
    May this baby fulfils all your hopes with it.
  • May this baby becomes the coolness of your eyes may
    all his single breath become a effect of happiness for you.
  • This baby has many hopes interlink with itself.
    I wish may this baby become the source of all your happiness.
  • This baby has many of hopes interlink with its future.
    I wish his future become as bright a sun.
  • This might be your first child,
    But certainly not last.
    Wish you very happy for New Born Child.
  • On the arrival your new 1st baby,
    Your all desire, hope and
    Happiness full fill by him/her.
    Wish you very happy for new born baby.
  • A woman have no baby,
    she live like a Moon in the sky alone at night,
    Which woman have baby,
    She live like a Moon with star in the sky at night.
  • Baby is a blessing of Allah,
    Ask Importance of a baby from fruitless,
    I sure she said, Really Baby is biggest gift of Allah.
  • May your upcoming baby conquered the whole,
    He follows the right way and lighted your name.
    Wish you happy new born baby.