Belated Birthday Wishes For Husband

Husband is one who is life of women. And all relations come in him for her, so on his happiness she’s more happier them him, so wish you Husband’s Birthday by using following mentions.

Belated Birthday Wishes For Husband with photo

Belated Birthday Wishes

  • I am sorry dear I am late.
    Please forgive my mistake.
    I am truly sorry. Happy birthday
  • I am a little weak at dates you
    now dear. Sorry Please accept my
    best wishes.
  • Sorry dear I am late.
    but please accept my
    wishes with apologies.
    I am sorry for the belated
    birthday wish.
  • Alas! I am late again sorry.
    You know always struggling
    for my mind memories.
    Sorry for belted wish but
    please accept it.
  • Dear Husband!
    I am very sorry for your belated birthday,
    I wish you very Happy Birthday My love.
  • My sweetheart!
    You know I am very busy in last days,
    Therefore I can’t wish your birthday at time.
    Therefore I wish belated Birthday Wish my,|
    Sweet heart. I love you.
  • I`m very lazy,
    I`m very slow,
    I can’t wish you, your birthday on time,
    I feel really really sorry My dear.
  • I know you are hearted,
    You are on reality,
    I feeling really really sorry for my mistake.
    I never do this again. Please forgive 1st and last time.
    Next time I never be late.
    Wish you very Happy Birthday My sweetheart.
  • I am very disappointed with myself
    when I forget your birthday, I hope
    that you will not be mad at home,
    belated Happy birthday
  • Happy birth day my dear husband
    I give thank for the day I met you
    and you choose me for your wife
    I love you Belated happy birthday