Belated Birthday Wishes For Wife

Husband is one who is life of women. And all relations come in him for her, so on his happiness she’s more happier them him, so wish you Wife`s Birthday by using following mentions.

Belated Birthday Wishes Messages For Wife With Picture

Belated Birthday Wishes and Quotes for Wife

  • Sorry dear I am late but I bring you
    flowers with me for you. Please accept
    My belated birthday wishes with.
  • As usually I am late I know.
    I am a sucker always mess up
    every thing a and made you sad.
    Sorry for the Belated Birthday
    Please accept my best
  • This birthday wish is belted I
    know but the feelings behind
    it is very deep. You can’t even
    Sorry for belted wish but
    accept it please.
  • This wish is belted but loving I ensure you
    I am late but I ensures you my feelings and
    wishes are deep loving and more strong than
    Sorry but please accept my wishing.
  • I know you are very angry from me,
    Now your are on truth. Because I miss,
    To wish you a beautiful Birthday.
  • You are my love,
    You are my heart,
    I know you are anger with me,
    Because I not wish you your birthday time.
    I feeling very sorry dear please forgive me.
    Now I wish you belated Birthday Dear.
  • Sorry Dear!
    I completely forget your birthday,
    Because I am too busy in office work,
    I love you my dear please forgive me.
    Happy Belated Birthday Dear.
  • I wish you belated Birthday my dear,
    I am sorry because I am too lazy person,
    I am so sorry my dear, I love you my sweetheart.
    Wish Happy Birthday.
  • Thinking of you on your birthday
    and wishing you happiness always
    belated happy birthday
  • May be greeting are not on
    time, but our beloved thoughts
    are always similar and are on time
    you are so special to me.
    belated happy birthday.
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