Belated Happy Birthday Wishes

Belated Birthday mean Some people wish birthday before time some forget and they wish after long time that called “Belated Birthday”. Here We have a nice picture and post about Belated Birthday.

Belated Happy Birthday Wishes Images

Belated Happy BirthDay Wishes

  • Sorry dear for wishing you late
    I totally forgot about your birthday.
    I am sorry please accept my greetings.
  • I am dull I am mad I am stupid,
    I totally forget about your
    Sorry please.
    Happy birthday.
  • Wish you a lot of happiness
    and love on your lives special
    I know I am late but accept
    my regards. Happy belated birthday
  • Wishing you belated but deep heart
    happy birthday. Sorry dear I am late
    as usually. Sorry!
  • I am sorry I am late
    for my wishes I made you
    wait I never meant to make
    you sad because you are best
    Happy belated birthday
  • No excuse is good enough
    for missing your birth day
    a very happy belated birth day
    to you
  • Excuse me dear!
    I want to say Happy Birthday,
    I say you in advance because,
    I am going to be too busy.
  • Sorry I forget to wish you,
    A very sweet and Happy Birthday.
  • I am very lazy,
    I am very slow,
    therefore I can`t wish you on time.
    So Happy Birthday Dear.
  • I am very Fast,
    I am very advance,
    I am very cleaver,
    Therefore I wish you in advance,
    So Happy Birthday My dear.