Birthday Poems For Nephew

Birthday is big day and when its first it become more special because memories of these days captured for life time till you alive. Here we have greatest collection  Happy Birthday Poems.

Birthday Poems For Nephew with picture

Birthday  Poems For Nephew

  • To the nephew.
    Who is my life.
    Who is happiness.
    Who is my joy.
    Happy birthday to you.
  • You my nephew.
    No you my life.
    You are my happiness.
    You are my joy.
    You are my spirit.
    You are my color.
    Wish you live long.
    happy birth day
  • When you are around my nephew dear
    There is something magical in the air
    Its like the bright cheer
    Your smile and your radiance that you have
    Makes things so much easier
    Blessed to have a super cute nephew like you
    And this is perfect time to tell you
    That my baby stay blessed in life
    A very happy birthday to you
    Do have some fun!
  • Our bond is truly a special one
    And our bond is oh so true
    Having a loving nephew like you
    I feel so blessed and new
    That spark and your loving smile
    When I play along with you
    Thanks for every care
    I so love you
    Wish you the happiest birthday 
    God bless you!