Birthday Quotes For Sir or Respected Person

If you are week in English and you want you to wish you teacher a happy birthday in English. Than don’t feel upset because you are at the Right Placec. I bet here you will find many useful wishes you want in SmsZoo.

English Birthday Sms Wishes For Sir With Pictures

English Birthday Sms Wishes For Sir

  • Happy birthday sir.
    May you live long.
    May you be like this ever
  • Happy birthday to the
    world’s best teacher
    and to the world’s best
  • Wishing a lot of happiness
    and success on your special day.
    Happy birthday sir.
  • Life is nothing if you could
    not Help Anyone but if you
    are sacrificing your life for
    other it’s the great’s deed.
    Happy birthday sir. Keep
    the spirit up.
  • On your birthday, May Allah
    shower good health wealth
    and prosperity in your life.
    wishing you many happy
    Returns of the day
    happy birth day sir
  • Your birth day gift
    is directly proportional
    to how nice you have been
    to us his year.
    Happy birth day sir.
  • Dear Sir!
    I want to thank you for whatever you
    teach us. I want to hug you for your
    Wish you very happy birthday.
    May your life become more meaningful.
  • Sir teaches the student to rise up against
    all the problems. A teacher makes a man strong
    enough to rise against any trouble. I want to thank
    my teacher for what he did. Happy birthday.
  • A Sir is not a King,
    But kings are created by teacher.
    Happy Birthday Teacher.
  • Happy birthday to My Great Sir
    Who makes me honest, admirable and punctual,
    All this thing prove your honesty toward me.
    May you live long, Wish you very Happy Birthday.
  • Respected Sir!
    You always try to give us a better piece of knowledge.
    In return, we are unable to do something good for you.
    But we can make you feel Happy and better.
    So, wishing you Happy Birthday. May you live long.
  • Dear Teacher!
    You are not just only our teacher.
    You are more than a teacher for us.
    We spent a lot of happy moments of our life with you.
    So at the special moment of your life,
    We wish you Happy Birthday.