Birthday Sms For Brother

Brother is the person who make all special things for you , then how can you forget his birthday wish, make him happy by saying him happiest birthday.

Birthday Sms For Brother

Birthday Sms For Brother From Sister

  • A day to remember
    at a place to be remembered
    with unforgettable people
    happy birthday
  • I was thinking to gives you a gift
    For few moments I just think
    Then I up my hands
    All my hopes and all flowers of words
    And all heart desires
    Give freedom all  from core of my heart
    Happy birthday
  • My gift, just one word, prayers
    All coming days gives you
    You get all successes
    Destinations comes to you
    All ways get easier
    Sun light of circumstances
    And cloud of sorrows
    Never comes to you for a second
    Happy birthday
  • May all dust of times
    not damage your face
    and you got all peoples
    as your admirers  always
    happy birthday
  • I want on your birthday
    That gift presents you
    Which you remember for life time
    And I gave you a lot of prayers
    Because these are the best
    Happy birthday
  • All life you got love of life
    This happiness comes to you
    again and again,
    my pray is that flowers of happiness in your ways
    on all step you get spring
    happy birthday
  • I have a little prayer
    Every coming moment
    Gave you beautiful flowers
    Of love and ups
    In your surrounding happiness always
    Happy birthday
  • May you have smiles on lips
    No knock of sorrows anytime
    Those stars which are shining in your eyes
    Always shine like today
    No separations, no disloyalty rays came to you
    Happy birthday
  • May you got all hearts
    And all your wishes fulfill
    Before you speak by lips
    Came in your feet
    And I got all your sorrows
    Happy birthday
  • Don’t worry about my darkness
    Just got your lights by my prayers
    Because its my right to gives you
    Wishes and prayers, happy birthday

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