Broken Heart Messages

When a person Heart is broke then he feels everything in dark. He not knows what he do. Some people loss their life after broken heart. They show they were not able to face problem. Here we bring an inspirational message for Broken Heart.

Broken Heart Sms Messages Pictures

Broken Heart Quotes

  •  I am much disheartened with your behavior.
    I didn’t imagine that behavior from you.
    I have my heart broken into several pieces.
  • You know that your slap is healed and I didn’t,
    Feel anything but your harsh words are green,
    Like they were before your words are teasing,
    My mind. I am very heart with your behavior.
  • Love demands sacrifices and love demands,
    Devotions but you don’t have anything the,
    Only thing you have is rude behavior.
    Today my heart is broken like a mirror by your attitude.
    I didn’t know that you are that rude hush!
    I am mentally and from heart very disturbed.
  • Today you have proved that the only thing that,
    Matters for you is money, money and money,
    I am very hearted by your behavior I have a broken,
    Heart in my chest due to your shameless behavior.
  • Happiness depends upon many features but mainly
    it depends upon the hearts condition. Talking of my,
    heart it’s broken in several little pieces because of,
    That person on which I have loved and trusted the
    Most and got ditch in exchange.
  • I am very dishearten From you,
    Because last night your behavior,
    Were not Forgettable, I can never,
    Imagine your behavior like that.
  • Sometime following your heart,
    Means losing your mind,
    When mind is losing then,
    Everything is losing.
  • I broke My Own heart,
    Its only reason is you,
    You leave me in the dark,
    Shade of life.
  • When someone fall in love,
    Then he/she not get it,
    Then the feeling of that,
    Person were very pitiable,
    His/her Heart broken into pieces.
  • A broken heart is only one thing,
    Which can the any person completely.