Broken Heart Sms Messages

The heart is a real purity of the human body. There is a lack of knowledge of the human beings that they broke the heart of their own dear ones by their wrong attitudes, rude behaviors and harsh words. Some messages are given for the heartbroken people.

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Broken Heart Sms Messages

  • My Heart is broken.
    My Hope is broken.
    I am living in life of pieces.
  • Do people break the heart of others?
    Strange they don’t have their own.
  • Never expect! Yet it hurts.
  • Dew blossoms the flower similarly
    soft words blossom the broken heart.
  • The incident which never makes you die
    indeed make you stronger than before.
  • Broken heart does the two important roles.
    Give lesson to everyone or destroy everyone.
  • Inspiration doesn’t extend in broken hearts.
  • Broken glass and broken heart can’t mend.
    Broken glass may hurt others,
    but the broken heart hurts itself instead.
  • Never hurt anyone because he may forgive,
    but remember he never forgets.
  • My heart is broken
    My hopes are broken
    I am living a life of pieces.
  • Never breaks someone’s heart because
    Allah lives in the hearts of His people.
  • What an art my heart has learned
    To break
    To break
    And to break again.
  • The best remedy for a broken heart is just:
    “To remember Allah”.
  • The only way where broken hearts get
    relief is the way of Allah.
  • The words said by broken heart are often true.

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