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We all are very sensational about messages. We sent a lot of messages per day but Didn’t Care of what is it for. If you want to send some one Islamic Sms and you are thinking of words then you are at the right place. Islamic Sms Don’t become greedy on anything because greed always

Islamic Anniversary Wishes For Couple

Wedding in any religion is an awesome part of any one’s life, so always send them wishes with a lot of happiness and smiles, so here are few wishes for Islamic Weddings. Here we have post about Islamic Wedding Wishes For Couple. Islamic Anniversary Wishes For Couple May this marriage become the starting of new era

Prayers and Duas for 3rd Ashra Of Ramadan

Month of Ramadan contain 30 days consist 3 ashra and for each ashra there is a special benedictions so in this way I am presenting you Dua 3rd ashra of Ramadan

Ramadan Calendar 2016 Sehr Iftar Timing

Here is  The Ramadan Calendar 2016 Sehr (Sehri is the meal that all the Muslims observing fast have before the sun rise) o Iftaar (Iftari is the time of evening meal that is eaten after the sun set at the time of the breaking of the fast) Timing for Pakistani Cities Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad and

Shab E Qadr Sms Quotes

Shab e qadaer is a special night for us because this night full of blessing of Allah pak. Ramadan Shab E Qadr Quotes Messages Shab e qadar is the night Night of blessing Which is hidden goes and search Night of blessing is hidden Hidden between many nights Night which has all in it Is

Last Friday Ramadan Sms Wishes

The best day the sun rises is the creation of God Friday AADAM is made to enter paradise, and was sent off and the contract is the end of the day on Friday. Last Friday Ramadan Sms Wishes, Duas and Prayers Praise be to Allah, the Forgiving, fall debugger, evidence of repentance, and to meet

Juma Tul Wida, Ramadan Dua Sms

Here is the collection of Ramzan Dua Sms. Whenever Ramadan comes it brings delights and lights with itself. Enjoy the month of Ramadan and send your Loved ones Ramzan Dua Sms and make them feel good. When they will read your Sms with full of love they will automaticaly feel your love and care for them.

27 Ramzan Sms Dua and Prayers

Speak politely to walk humbly dressed attempt kindness goodness true gift carefully pray God bless you and keep you. 27 Ramzan Sms Dua and Prayers Holy month of Ramadan, Muslims began. We pray every day. In seeking Crescent and the month of Ramadan begins. I hope that the holy month of Ramadan, and endowed with

Shab E Qadr Quotes Sms

Shab e qader is a special night for dua and prayers etc, so you people make your night so special with you prayers and forgive every one. Shab E Qadr Quotes Sms Laylat al-Qadr is the night his blessing hides and research Night hidden blessing hidden among many nights Night that although it is the

Shab e Barat Prayers, Duas, Sms

All Muslims Of The Whole World In These Days Use Social Media For Sending Shab E Barat Prayers, Duas, Sms And Txt Massages  Etc Send Wishes Dua And Forgiveness Sms To Our Friends And Family Members. Shab e Barat Prayers, Duas, Sms Allah Pak. please forgive me, and please make me a true Muslim, and