Chand Raat Sms Collection

Chand raat is a gift of Allah pak for all muslim after end of holy month of Ramadan,this night full of blessing and happiness, every one wish this night every one with blessing and good wishes, so chand raat mubrik my all dears.

Chand Raat

Chand Raat Sms Messages Collection

  • Chand raat is an alarm for us
    because its morning is Eid morning
    chand raat Mubrik
  • My all girls get ready for shopping
    because its chand raat
    shopping of Bangles and Mehandi
  • This night is a night of spreading
    happiness with each other’s
    so forget all the dispute and
    everything let’s celebrate this special night
  • Mubrik this channd raat whole universe my friend
    my family my country and my sky
    and sky’s shining stares every one Chand raat mubrik
  • Everyone have own way to celebrate this night few one spend time with friend some or family
    some are doing shopping and some are BBQ to night in open area of house or park
  • Don’t waste your time remember all prayers
    and spent this time with good miners as like Ramadan
  • This night give a opportunity to earn Dua and best wishes of your mother
    give some special gift to her or helping her in cooking and shopping
  • Someone said this night prayers and worships
    to much important for every Muslim so don’t forget it
  • This night is name of happiness and joy
    but don’t forget your duties  your prayers  your Quren
  • This night name of happiness so try help others
    like poor families with gift of shoes
    and new dress and get a lot of Dua