Chinese New Year 2016 Wishes

Chinese New Year 2016 is just coming with all happiness and joy, so you can just enjoy the happiness of Chinese new year with your family and friends, there are some Wishes SMS that give you support to wish others.

Chinese New Year 2016 Wishes

Lovely Chinese New Year Wishes  2016

  • I wish for very happy New Year: I just want to convey
    my message bunches of blessing, which closely come
    to your side: Wish you a very happy new year 2016
  • May Allah make your smiles forever:
    May Allah make your all impossibilities will turn
  • My wishes will be for you forever: never
    lose your heart and stay blessed:
  • In the occasion of New Year, you will be
    celebrate with joy, happiness and smile:
    wish a very happy new year
  • You have to start New Year with joy and
    happiness, because 365 days are there that
    indicate the happiness for you:
    happy Chinese New Year 2016
  • May I wish to Allah your all dreams come true,
    I hope to bring this New Year much happiness
    for you: Happy New Year 2016?
  • You will find the days like starts and shine ever:
    you will find the batter opportunities for you:
    Happy New Year 2016
  • The coming year will serve your every moment
    and every day with shines:
    Happy New Year 2016
  • Your days will be blossom, your months
    will be covert into love: your 365 days will
    be converted in to happiness: Happy New Year
  • Old days has been gone and new days are
    coming with happy moments and joys:
    Wish you very happy New Year 2016

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