Condolences Messages for Loss Of Son

When someone lost any body they go in such a grieve and a space in life increased which cannot be filled now. So send some words of sympathy. Here are few mentions to consoled someone choose it and send them.

Condolences Messages for Loss Of Son

Condolences Sympathy Messages for Loss Of Son or Child

  • I am very sorry on your Son loss
    My prayers and thoughts are with you
    May God bless you.
  • Our tears cannot bring them back
    So don’t shed tears just pray for them
  • I am feeling very sad on your loss
    Which can’t be filled by anyone
    Space which is created can’t be filled
    So instead of taking tension just pray
  • Pain of this sorrow is unbearable
    Time is too tough today , but you will adjust soon
    So don’t worry just stay calm and pray
  • Hope of you life was your son
    Who will not here more
    Its unbearable but you need to stay here
    Because you can’t die with the dying person
  • I can imagine the pain of yours
    I can feel as well, but now cant do anything
    Just I can consoled you
  • The loss of you is immense
    I cannot compensate this
    But I can consoled you
  • Your son was a child
    Blessed one, who left us
    But now look ahead
    You can’t forget
  • I had no words
    To say you
    I am also so much sad
    I am sorry for this loss
  • kindly accept my deepest condolence
    On the such loss
    I will always with you
  • Pain is a feeling
    Which come on you
    But I will not let you go alone
    In this moment I m with you

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