Condolences Messages To Friend For Loss Of Sister

Sister is one who share all things with you and you with her, when anybody lost her he/she lost her best friend. So it’s a great shock for a family. So send full sympathy messages to them and stand with them.

Condolences Messages To Friend For Loss Of Sister

Condolences Sms Messages For Loss Of Sister

  • You lost your best friend
    Which remain behind you
    Now she is also but invisibly.
  • Now you had no friend like sister
    To share your all sorrows happiness
    It’s a very bad and shocking new
  • All bad time will pass, and good will come
    But she will not anytime, so be patient
    And my all sympathy is with you
  • All thing had a time
    After that all will be gone to end
    We are also part of this
    So don’t be sad just agree with god
  • Memories always remain
    And good ones passed away
    It’s a sad new for all family
    May god bless you
  • I send all my sympathy with you
    Due to loss of a sister
    She is mine as well
    It happen very bad
    But its nature of world
  • Although this time is difficult
    But god will help you
    So be patient her soul is seeing us
  • Pain cannot escape, so be strengthen
    Which will help you to stay alive
    My all goodies are with you
  • When a person loss her beloved
    The pain only known by him
    Others just can consoled
    May god bless you
  • I am really sorry for your loss
    I can’t fill it anytime
    Because she is the one who have this place
    In your life no one can got
  • The place where you kept secrets
    Snatch by you, because god like to leave you alone
    Now share all with god and pray for her soul

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