Congratulation Messages For First Time Parents

I can’t even imagine the feelings for becoming parents for first time but I always think that this happiness is greater than any other happiness present on the earth. If you want to wish someone congratulations on becoming parents first time than you can Find Help here at SmsZoo we are here to help you.

Congratulation Messages for First Time Parents with photo

Congratulation Messages First Time Parents

  • I don’t know what I am say on that occasion.
    But I want to congratulate to both of for being,
    First time parents.
  • I want to say only one word for you being,
    First time parents Wish you best of Luck.
    Congratulation on The Great victory.
  • Dear!
    Congratulation for being first time parents.
    May your child live long life and Full Fill Your all desires.
  • Here I give you beautiful prayer for you and your child,
    May you child live long and happy life and become a great,
    Person in the world.
  • I don’t what is the felling of
    becoming parents first time.
    I can feel it’s awesome. Congrats
    for becoming parents.
  • Congrats bro for becoming
    How is your feeling
    to become first time
    parent I can’t even imagine.
  • Good amazing I am really
    excited I can’t even think about
    your feelings. Congrats on becoming
  • Congrats sister for become mother
    first time I am very excited to wish
    you say hi to the little boy.
  • Congratulations to proud new
    parents! Many these tiny feet
    tiptoe with love into hearts and
    stay there forever.
  • May Allah bless your child
    with all his love, care and happiness
    congratulation on new baby,