Congratulation Messages

I want that whenever I got success all the world send me love messages with congratulation so I think all have these feeling on each moment weather born baby, got pregnant, engaged, married, success, promotion etc. so here are some messages for congratulations.

Congratulation Messages

Congratulation Sms Messages For Mix Occasions

  • You was a great mentor and a boss on us
    But you got transferred on new office with new high rank
    We all miss you but we want to say you
    Congratulations for new office
  • Result day is the darkest one consider before announcement
    So on this day when I saw you nervous and biting nails
    I understand your felling and about your hard work
    So after announcement you was shining like a sky
    So I Congratulates to you
  • There should be no jealousy on other’s success
    Because if you got jealous then you’ll lost your position
    So be happy on other and maintain your self
    Increase their happiness by saying congratulations
  • Graduation means end of bachelor ship
    So when you graduate we your parents find someone for you
    And today you got to be engaged with her
  • It’s a big day for all of us
    That our father (you) got promotion
    Increments in pay we salute you
    And congratulate you
  • Baby is blessing of God
    And a hustle bustle in house due to baby
    And baby has little cloths cupboard filled up with them
    Its look so sweet and cute
    Congratulations on new baby
  • When a country got independence
    It’s a beautiful moment to be on map
    A new name with a region
    It’s your birthday my country
    You gave us identity You gave us shelters
    Congratulations on your day of birth
  • It’s wonderful to hear about your new born babies
    Very few lucky one who got twins
    Congratulations on new babies
  • It’s very happy after knowing
    That what you were planning got full filled
    You got that position Congratulation
  • It’s happen in last year
    When you got married
    When I look back I got it
    Yesterday’s matter
    But I’m happy after seeing you as a happy couple
    Congratulations on anniversary

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