Congratulations For Engagement Poems

The following poems are for Congratulating Engagement to anyone. These poems will surely touch your heart. So make yourself comfortable and feel free to take a tour of our site SmsZoo.

Congratulations For Engagement Poems With Photo.

For Engagement Poems

  • This was your dream.
    Now it’s your reality.
    Keep this relation with care.
    That’s my wish.
    Congrats to you.
    Happiness what I want to see.
  • This is the key.
    This is the opening.
    This is the grace.
    This is the moment.
    Congrats and well wishes.
    Are always with you
  • An engagement is a
    Very precious thing.
    It starts with one question,
    And is sealed with a ring
  • True love is not a gamble
    Even though it has no logic
    True love is not a myth
    Even though it feels like magic
    True love isn’t always perfect
    Even though it seems like it
    True love needs to be nurtured
    Over the years, bit by bit