Congratulations Messages For New Born Baby

Baby is Blessings of Allah and world is behind you. And you get each and every thing and every one looked you so here are some congratulatory messages for babies

Congratulations Message For New Born Baby

Congratulations Messages For New Born Baby

  • A new world is open now
    For u and your husband
    Joy land in which babies play
    And you are parents now
  • You got pregnant
    You will very soon have a kid
    Which will make life colorful
    Congratulations My sweet heart
  • A baby is blessing of God
    Which you have got
    May he live long
    And make you life a great deal
  • A baby is a little angel
    Who have innocent face
    And emotions
    Which attract all towards him
    And make him important
    Congratulations for a new angle
  • You are blessed with a baby girl
    A girl is like a heaven’s princess
    Who have a beautiful smile
    Many many Congratulations
  • A baby have cute hands
    Little finger and toes
    Small nose and lips
    And a cuddle in your lap
    And got a special place in life
    Congratulations  for your cute baby
  • When I got the new of your baby
    I was excited to know about
    It’s a prince or princess
    I reached to the hospital
    I got both and say u congratulations
  • Babies are treasury of parents
    Who have some special place in life
    And life is for children always
    To make them big Congratulations
  • Baby you have is a blessing of God on you
    Its an attraction factor from all Relatives
    And all friends as well, congratulations
  • Its exited to hold a small hand
    And make her happy and sad
    Just due to milk which create a passion
    Congratulations dear

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