Congratulations SmS For Good Results

Result always matter for us and for all as well, so when a children got a good result he deserves a Good Congratulatory message and a prize, so some messages are here.

Congratulations SmS For Good Results

Congratulations SmS For Good Results

  • You pass your Examination with Excellent
    Score. I congratulation to you on this achievement.
  •  You was a competent student
    And you always do work hard
    So you deserve a good result
    And its proved your hard working
    Congratulations dear Friend
  • Competitive exams are not so easy
    But you do it with competency
    And had a brilliant result
    Many Many Congratulations
  • From nursery to m.a
    You are going upper stairs
    And after two years a stair passed
    Now you passed over the test and the interview
    So you are going in M.shill
    Congratulations for next level
  • Good luck to you for your future
    And for your next ambitions
    But I m happy a lot at your result
  • You have high hopes and dreams
    Your dreams are reason of your face corners
    Jumbo size congratulation
  • Congratulations my dear
    I always pray for you
    For your success
    For your dreams
    And what you want to do
  • When I listen about your result
    I was totally surprised and exited to meet you
    But you are so far and I want to congratulate you
    So I send sms
  • you make me proud my son
    You give a shape to my dreams
    And a big smile on my face
  • Celebrations will be there due to your success
    Which u got and proved that no one equals to you
  • Yesterday I invest on you
    And today I got profit
    Many many congratulations
  • Exams and grades are temporary,
    but education is permanent.
  • Even Wolverine cannot be clear these tests.
    Cannot be steel blades, but his pen is
    stronger than all the blades on the planet.
  • Exams come and go, but her report,
    commitment and self-confidence to stay with you forever.
    Congratulations on passing the tests.
  • Centuries ago, it has battled with swords and shields.
    Today, I battled with knowledge and intelligence and qualities.
    Congratulations to empower yourself.
  • This test may not be the biggest test of his life.
    But passing with good grades, and he showed that
    he is ready to take the biggest trials of life.
  • It does not matter if you want to become a lawyer,
    a doctor, an astronaut, engineer, dancer,
    general manager or other professional.
    The important thing is that by passing these tests,
    which have been shown to have the ability and
    talent to become the person you want to be.
  • Achieved good results in examinations
    is the only shortcut to success.
    Well done.
  • Do not, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest
    and Instagram dedicated to celebrate the
    success of the brilliant student like you.
    And it will treat you with the tastes,
    retweets, brooches and procedures.
  • If teachers and classmates of bullying annoying
    does not prevent you from getting good grades,
    and nothing will. I was a strong man.
    Congratulations to shine.
  • By passing these tests showed that
    brains and beauty camel Bimbo is a myth.
    Congratulations to the students the most beautiful ever.
  • The best students are those who are more intelligent.
    They are the ones who take advantage of their talents
    and hard work to sweep in front of all his colleagues like you.
  • Tests may not be the ultimate test of life,
    but it certainly is the ultimate test of character.
    And by the way, it has been shown to have a
    strong character the full report, focus and commitment.
  • Reviews or not, we always knew
    I was a hero in the making.
    Well done Congratulations.


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