Decent Happy Mother’s Day Wishes Greetings Sms

Decent Happy Mother’s Day Wishes Greetings Sms are given on this page. Every year, the world celebrates mother’s day to honour the mothers across the globe. This day is celebrated to show love and respect to all the mothers out there.

Decent Happy Mother’s Day Greetings Sms

Decent Mother’s Day Greetings Sms 2018

  • When God created this world,
    He put worries and trials in it to test us.
    And then He put mother in it,
    to comfort us in our hard times.
  • There is one person in
    this world who knows exactly how we
    feel at a particular time.
    And that is our mother.
    She knows us because we are part of her.
  • the depth of it
    the vastness of it
    the clarity of it
    the purity of it
    can never be explained
    it is the mother’s love
  • love has many types
    it hurts
    it makes happy
    it has many emotions
    but one type is the best
    and that belongs to mother
    THE mother’s love
  • there is one person
    who knows when you are sad
    she knows when you cry
    she knows when you are worried
    she is your mother
    love your mother
  • you don’t say it but she hears
    you don’t right it but she reads
    you don’t utter it but she knows
    how you feel
    how you ache
    because is your mother
  • if I have all the wealth in this world, but I don’t have mother’s love
    than I am the poorest of all human beings
  • take her heart out
    divide it into pieces
    then make her child cry
    from each part
    you will hear the cry for her child
    that’s how a mother is
  • she teaches us to walk
    and teaches us to talk
    and then teaches us to give love
  • take all the beauty from the world but leave mother in it
    and world is still more beautiful