Emotional Messages Quotes

If any person touch our Emotional the we feel Pain in our Heart. So don`t touch emotional of any person. We have great collection about it.

Sad Emotional Messages With Images

Emotional Sms Quotes

  • Having you on my side was the world best experience.
    But having you as an enemy is the heart crushing disastrous
    Effect for me. I am so sad that I cannot express my feelings to you.
  • If someone asks me what was the emotional
    moment of my life I will say when she left me
    heartbroken on the side of that river. That was
    the saddest moment of my life. I can’t explain
    My feelings even in a whole book.
  • I love you like nothing else. I will die without you,
    I want you with me I cannot live without you.
    I want you I can’t bear the pain of losing you please come back.
  • Love is life and my life is you. I can’t forget your deeds for me.
    I want you as I want nothing else.
    I want you more than my life.
  • I don’t want to cry in front of any person but I cannot bear the pain.
    I want rain to come because I want to cry standing in it.
    Then no one will able to find I am crying or that is rain water.
    I want to see you my whole family successive happy and in comfort. Allah help us.
  • “Go in the direction of your dreams!
    Live the life you’ve imagined.”
  • Smile is the best medicine,
    Keep smiling even others.
    Think you are crazy.
  • After Asking Allah to Guide,
    You are to the straight path.
    Don’t just stand start Walking.
  • You can replace me but you can’t,
    Replace the memories you had with me.
  • You hurt me more than I deserve,
    Just because I loved u?
    More than u deserves?