2015 Father’s Day Wishes For Social

I had a hard life, but my problems are nothing against the difficulties that my father had to go to get to where I started.

2015 Father's Day Wishes For Social

 Father’s Day Wishes For Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter

  • Life much simpler when it was honored
    the father and the mother and not all major
    credit cards. Father is a person who
  • When you cry, scolds
    when rules are broken
  • Glows with pride at the success, and he has
    confidence in you, even if you do not do.
  • Dad, and I could not be better, but I’ve come
    to believe that I have to be a person in this world.
  • I mean, I can be just as difficult-to-face,
    and very difficult. I just wish I could be as
    good a man as you.
  • Any man can be a father but it takes
    someone special to be a dad.
  • This is for women who have to play the
    role of mother and father tο children.
  • My father gave me the greatest gift anyone
    could give another person, you might believe in me.
  • Fatherhood and pretending the present
    you love most is soap-on-one in the rope.
  • It is not flesh and blood but the
    heart which makes us fathers and son.
  • It is easier for a parent who has
    children that children have a real father.
  • It seems that something which means deficiency,
    complaint and violence every day.