First Ashra Ramadan Sms, 1st Ashra Of Ramadan Prayer

All those who pray at night in the (Ramadan) sincere faith and hoping for a reward from God, and then you will be forgiven his previous sins.

First Ashra Ramadan Sms

First / 1st Ashra Of Ramadan Prayers & Sms

  • You and your family want the
    blessings of the Ramadan.
  • Angels protect you, so forget the pain,
    and can surround goodness.
  • Arriving from the depths of my heart,
    may God be with you.
  • Lucky is the one who has educated to esteem,
    but not to greed. Ramadan Mubrik
  • In spite of all the trees that have been added to the feathers predicted land and sea,
    with seven oceans, the word of God has not been exhausted.
  • Glorification of all things in paradise and world.
    Ramadan Wishes for 1st AArsha
  • Let this Ramadan remember forgive and forget to
    put the past performances that give value to start.
  • God can fill the pond holy month of Ramadan,
    we wish you happiness, prosperity and abundance.
  • Ramadan is the month of love
    this month of mercy
    And Mubarak month you and your family.
  • If successful Ramadan application of
    the greatest gifts of Ramadan
  • This happy to add your days of peace and joy
    which is a long trip in a month, but full of happiness.
  • I wish you the holy month of
    Ramadan and prosperous.