First Birthday Wishes For Son, Daughter

Wishing some one Birthday is a very pleasant Effect For Heart. Specially if you are going to wish
first time it has a mind blowing effect. We know that the person who are we wishing is not understanding what we are saying but the person mother and father become happy.

First Birthday Wishes Photos

First Birthday Wishes

  • Happy birthday to cutie pie
    may this first birthday become
    the source of happiness for him.
  • It is your first birthday I can’t
    express my feelings to you, But I can’t
    control my feelings either. Happy
    birthday to the little angel.
  • May this first birthday become
    the starting of a happy life
    for this little angle. Wish
    him a very happy birthday.
  • This is his first birthday,
    I want to make this birthday
    Little special for the baby.
    May he live long. Allah
    blesses him.
  • If doesn’t matter how far you
    go in life or how materialistic
    success you achieve.
    What really matter is how
    many people’s heart you touch.
    May God give you chance to touch
    a million hearts
  • On your birth day I pray
    to god to bless your life
    with lots of good luck and
    Good health. Happy birth day
  • With Seeing The Baby I go into my
    past and start thinking of my child hood
    how I enjoyed my child hood. But my days
    are over I want to see the baby happy
    ever after. Happy first birthday to the
    cutie pie.
  • May Allah Bless on your cute Baby,
    Who passed one wonderful year,
    With joy and happiness. I wish very,
    Happy Birthday.
  • I am very Happy to see this,
    Your baby healthy, I wish his future,
    Life pass same like that. I wish him very
    Happy Birthday.
  • Happy birthday to the cutie baby wishing
    him a very happy birthday on his first
    May he live long.