Happy Friday Status And Images For Facebook

Friday Prayer is a Congregational prayer that Muslims hold every Friday, just after noon in the place of Zuhr prayer. Muslims pray ordinarily five times each day according to the sun’s sky path regardless of time zones. Here we have the Happy Friday Status Collection. Read and find out your favorite one so that you can wish this Friday to your friends and family.

Happy Friday Status with Picture

Happy Friday Status And Images For Facebook

  • Happy Friday dear.
    Its Friday and it holds
    very big place in the weak.
  • Friday is a very important day
    for me from both points of views.
    Like it comes with the holiday for
    me and it comes with the message
    of special prayer for every Muslim.
  • Happy Friday bro today is our
    holiday and today is our plan
    come true day.
  • Today is a very special day for me
    because today is the day of freedom
    for me. So Happy Friday.
  • Friday holds a very special place for
    Muslims as this day is made the king
    of the days for the sake of worship
    for Muslims. So happy Friday dear.
  • I think that Friday is a gift for all of
    us from Allah. Because on this day
    we can say sorry to Allah for all our
    faults throughout the week.
    Happy Friday.
  • Happy Friday
    forget all the bad things
    you’re encountered this
    week and have a great weekend.

Happy Friday Status for whatsapp

  • Happiness is like peeing in your
    Every one can see it, but only
    you can feel its warmth
    happy Friday .
  • Happy Friday.
    all days are beautiful but Friday
    have their own charm, you end up
    the work and get a weekend surprise
    happy Friday.
  • Friday blessing. May the lord
    bless you with a paceful Friday
    have a great weekend .
  • This blessed day has many importances
    But one of its importance is that
    that it is the king of other days
    and our Prophet Said about it that
    it is the noblest day among other days of the week.
    So happy friday to you and your family. Stay blessed!
  • Stay happy because its Friday
    which is also said as the Eid of the week for every muslim
    wish you a happy friday my dear

Happy Friday Status For Work

  • Success is not the thing which comes in a day
    it is a slow process and trust me it tastes good when we achieve something
    slowly and slowly, happy friday to you and your family
  • Happiness is to see the things which are amazingly
    giving you joy and delight and one of these joys are
    the day of Jumma which is a blessed day and it is awarded By Allah
    to us as a gift
  • When a person is in love with somebody he tries to look like him
    similar is the Muslim because we love our Prophet, therefore Its our
    wish to look like him and do things what our Prophet did.
    Happy Friday dear.
  • Friday is an amazing day because immediatly after it we recieve the weekend
    Happy Friday!
  • Wishing someone good luck may not bring him good luck
    but it surely gives him courage to face the problem and thinking it that
    that no matter what the circumstances are you are standing with them.
    Have a glad Friday.

Friday Quotes and Sayings

  • Keep smiling and keep everyone smiling
    because everyone here is running for acheiving there goals
    and no one here wants to make enemies
    so change the view how you see the world
    try something new and keep doing it if it gives you happiness
    May you have a cheering Friday.
  • When someone is in some kind of need
    we should definitly help him
    No matter what the circumstances are we should stand for our brothers
    we are living in a similar environment and that makes us each others brothers
    Have a cheerful Friday my dear.
  • This is how life is spent
    a day of childhood
    a day of younghood
    a day of oldness
    and the End
    so why is this attitude is not expiring from us
    Why? Keep thinking this Friday

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