Friday Quotes Jumma Mubarak Sms

Friday is special day in many minorities & majorities. its is considered the pious day in many religions. Here is Friday Quotes and Jumma Mubarak Wishes for this day are given below:

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Friday Quotes, Jumma Mubarak Wishes

  • I remember the day of your birth.
    My child may Allah bless you with the blessings of
    Friday forever and forever. Friday was a special day,
    but now it becomes more special after your birth.
  • Muslims offer Juma prayer on Friday. All the prayers
    of that day should be accepted and appreciated
    because of the unity of all the Muslims in one mosque.
    Allah bless us all. Happy Friday.
  • I love Friday. It’s a holiday for my husband
    and fun day for my children. They spend the
    splendid time time together.
  • 1st friend: do you offer Jumma Prayer in the
    nearest mosque? I didn’t see you yesterday.
    2nd friend: tomorrow there was too much rush.
    And I often offer this prayer on Saturday.
  • 50 messages on my cell phone.
    Lacks of wishes from my friends.
    Oh, this is Friday. Great Day ahead.
  • Religious satisfaction on this day
    is due to the pious souls of the Muslim communities.
    Friday is the best day.
  • Friday is near,
    Don’t worry dear,
    Clean clothes wear,
    Forget all the fear,
    Eyes shed the tear,
    Enjoy the new year.
  • Believe it, this is cent percent the truth.
    Friday is the prayers acceptance day.
    Wishing you each day like Friday.
  • I have chosen the respect.
    Seriously Friday is the respectful day for all.
    Many obligations change into reality.
  • Give and take. This is the speciality of the day.
    Friday is a cheerful day.
  • Friday means
    F full
    R rest
    I indeed.
  • Blessing starts in the morning and ends
    in the late night. Friday is the complete
    bless day for all. Make a pray it will be effective on Friday.
    Wish you an effective Friday in your life.
  • Restless hard work, strong determination and
    fair decisions make Friday a special day.
    Enjoy the day with lots of fun.
  • As the pious decision was mostly taken on pious day,
    may your life filled with grace,
    love and fruits like the Friday.
  • The sweetness of life is in good deeds
    and remembering Allah is the biggest good deed
    this is the way to stay blessed
    Happy jummah Mubarak.
  • The holiest day of the week
    with its great blessings
    wish you happy Jummah Mubarak
  • May your all wished comes true
    you get success in your life
    you have a great position
    happy jummah Mubarak.

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