Friendship Sms Messages

Friendship Is Such A Vast Thing; A Friend Is A Best Notebook Where You Can Note Things, Note Secrets With No Fears Of Being Disclosed. Here Is A Collection Of Friendship Messages.


Friendship Sms & Wishes

  • Their is many kind of sadness a person in his life.
    Mostly People leave him Alone but only one person
    Cannot leave him. He is only Best Friend.
    Happy Friendship Day.
  • Friendship Is Abundant And Free
    And It Will Always Be,
    Hold My Hands
    And I Will Never Let You Fall,
    I Love You My Best Friend!
  • May You Always Keep Smiling
    The Way You Always Do,
    May All Your Dreams Come True,
    May You Cherish Every Moment
    And Never Feel Blue..
    Happy Friendship Day!
  • Keep Smiling Because You
    Look So Beautiful When You Smile
    And All I Wish Is Your Happiness,
    Because You Are My Best Friend..
    Happy Friendship Day!
  • In The Remembrance Of The Good Times We Shared,
    I Feel Very Lucky To Have You Around As My Friend,
    And I Love You..
    Happy Friendship Day!
  • Sometimes I Think, What I Would Do,
    If You Were Not My Friend,
    With Whom Would I Share My Secrets?
    With No Fear To Be Disclosed..
    You Are My Notebook, You Are My Jerk
    Happy Friendship Day!
  • If You Fall, I ‘L Pick You Up
    After I Am Done With Laughing,
    I Will Taunt You, Tease You,
    Annoy You, Irritate You,
    But I Will Become Your Shield
    If Someone Else Tries To Beat You..
    Happy Friendship Day!
  • You Are My Pumpkin,
    You Are My Jelly Beans,
    You Are My Micky Mouse,
    You Are My Crime Partner,
    You Are My Childhood Love,
    Happy Friendship Day!
  • I Was So Insecure
    Then You Came Into My Life,
    Turned My Insecurities To My Strengths,
    And My Sorrows To Smiles,
    I Adore You,
    Happy Friendship Day!
  • While The World Sleeps,
    We Ar Awake,
    So Busy In Our Silly Talks,
    So Indulged In Our University Walks,
    Having Unstoppable Laughter Fits,
    Some Gossips And Some Makeup Kits,
    Sending Msgs Each And Every Moment,
    Hiding Nothing And Telling All,
    This Is What That Does Not Let Us Fall..
    Happy Friendship Day!
  • You Are So Stupid,
    You Have No Idea,
    How To Talk,
    What To Talk,
    How To Walk,
    How To Eat,
    You Are Always In Fight,
    But Still You Are My Friend,
    Who Makes My World Bright,
    Happy Friendship Day!


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