Have Good Day Sms

A Beautiful Piece Of Word Is A Beautiful Way To Ping Someone’s In A Pleasing Way. Sometimes We Cannot Express Verbally, Here Comes The Importance Of Written Pieces Of Words. A Simple And Small Message Can Explain Even What You Cannot Say Directly. Though By Sending A Message You Cannot See The Expressions But It Can Express Your Feelings Very Sweetly. It Will Definitely Make Them Smile And Think About You Anytime They Receive It. They May Not Tell It But Deep Inside Your Words Will Make Their Way To Their Hearts Quite Easily. Here We Have A Collection For You, Pick One And Enjoy.


  • Probably the worst time in a person’s life is
    when they have to kill a family member because
    They are the devil. But otherwise it’s been a pretty.
    Have A Good Day Dear.
  • I Want To Lock You In A Way,
    That Even I Open The Doors,
    You Will Stay..
    Have A Good Day!
  • I Know You Are Very Special,
    There Are A Lot People Praising You,
    Wishing You Things,
    Trying To Make You Smile,
    I May Not Be That Creative,
    But I Want To Say,
    I Am Creative In My Very Own Ways..
    Have A Great Day!
  • You Are My Tweety,
    You Are My Sweety,
    You Are My Apple Pie,
    I Am Not Their’ Sigh
    Stay Blessed,
    Have A Great Day!
  • I See You In Chirping Birds,
    In Lion’s Roar,
    In Sounds Of Rain,
    In Falling Leaves,
    Because You Really Matter And
    I Wish You A Lovely Day Ahead.
    Have A Good Day!
  • Live And Let Others Live,
    Live At Its Full Because Most Of The People
    Do Not Love But Just Spend The Moments,
    So Bring It On,
    Cheer Up,
    Have A Good Day!
  • You Are A Gift To The World,
    You Make This World More Beautiful
    And More Peaceful,
    Wish You A Great Day,
    Have A Good Day!
  • Everything Is Looking At You,
    When You Will Smile,
    They Will Start Their Day So
    Please Smile For This World,
    Have A Good Day!
  • Never Be Too Busy,
    Because Nothing Is More Importance Than
    The People Who Love You
    The People Who Adore You
    I Must Say, Even In My Busy Schedule,
    I Do Not Forget You,
    Have A Good Day!
  • You Give My Breakfast A Taste,
    My Lunch, A Fragrance,
    My Dinner, A Pleasure,
    My Moments, A Time Well Spent,
    I Am Far But I Still Wish You,
    Have A Good Day!
  • Life Is Complete When You Have Someone,
    Who Can Make You A Yummy Cup Of Coffee,
    Can Sit By Your Side,
    Giving Taste To Your Coffee,
    Listening To What You Are Even Not Saying,
    And You Are That ONE,
    Have A Good Day!

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