Good Night Sms Jokes Messages

Jokes always stay beside us to make us happy and create fun feeling around us so make  part of this life some funny statements for all on nights.

Good Night Sms Jokes Messages

Good Night Sms Jokes Messages

  • My alarm clock behaving like a police man
    On that time when you broke a signals
    And he issue fine slip so its on morning
  • People use drugs to sleep
    But in morning sleep become my drug
  • My pillow always love me a lot
    When I want to get up
    And blanket become
    My girlfriend at that time
  • At night my bed desire
    Pillow want my head
    And sheet want ass
  • At every night my parents said to me
    Stop this shit and just sleep
    You have to get up earlier
  • When I am on bed
    The longest journey is
    Bed to switch, Good Night.
  • On night when I take my hand out
    I think there is some ghost in room
  • On night I don’t want to sleep
    Because I am not tired
    But in morning I don’t know
    Why I feel so
  • When I m tired
    I did not wait for night to sleep
    Just go to bed and take rest
    Who cares about world
  • I wish always
    a window for moon
    But when I got I think
    there would be witch there


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