Good Night Sms Messages

A Beautiful and Lovely Good Night Sms Makes Someone Sleep Calm. A Sweet Good Night Message Sent To Someone When They Want To Sleep Can Make Them Feel So Damn Special And Take Them To A Beautiful Ride Of Lovely Dreams. It Can Make Them Smile At The Very Last Moment Of Their Day Giving Them Peace Of Mind And Giving A Feel Like The Day Has Been Well Spent And They Are Really Important For Someone Around. H Ere We Have A Beautiful Collection Of Morning Msgs That Can Help You Out. Pick One And You Are There To Lighten Up Someone’s Dreams.


  • One day i may die without saying good bye to u.
    But i will never forget to say thank you. because
    You hold the most loveliest part in my life.
    Good Night Sweet Heart.
  • You Make My Days Special With Your Smiles,
    With Your Efforts,
    With Your Love, With Your Presence,
    You Are Beautiful Thing That Make My House Look Lively..
    Good Night Beautiful!
  • Sleep Calm, Sleep Safe,
    Forget Everything,
    Because I Am Here Sleeping Around,
    Will Handle Things,
    You Just Sleep Sound
    Good Night!
  • You Do Not Need To Do Anything Special,
    Your Presence Itself Is Itself A Lot Special,
    Sleep Well,
    Good Night!
  • Close Your Eyes,
    Feel And Rise,
    Just Think Nice,
    You Are Wise,
    Sleep Calm..
    Good Night!
  • You Always Fight,
    But You Are The Only One,
    Who Makes My World Bright,
    Gives My Eyes,
    A Clear Sight..
    You Are My Left, You Are My Right,
    Sleep Tight..
  • You Are Such A Beautiful Soul,
    You Forget Your Sleep For Mine,
    But Here I Am,
    Saying You To Have A Calm Sleep,
    Because I Love You..
    Good Night
  • Sleep Well Because You Have To
    Wake Up Fresh, To Make My Day Bright..
    Good Night!
  • You Do Not Need To Change Yourself At All,
    Stay The Same,
    Because I Adore You, Actually
    For Being You ..
    Sleep Well My Girl..
    Good Night!
  • You Are Awake,
    From The Early Morning,
    Has Been Doing A Lot Of Things,
    I Feel, You Must Be Tired,
    Just Close Your Eyes,
    My Princess, I Am Your King,
    Only For You, I Will Sing,
    Good Night!
  • It’s Another Day,
    Well Spent,
    It Is The Time To Have Some Rest,
    Think Of All The Beautiful Things,
    You Have Done And Remember,
    I Will Never Let You Alone,
    Nothing Loses And Nothing Wins,
    I Will Be There Through Thick And Thins..
    Good Night!

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