Good Night Status Lines For Facebook

When sun set in the west. All birds going to their home. Loudness of daily life become less at last come to their Finnish Point. All this sing show Night has been come. Good Night My dear. Come on join me makes lets fun. Smszoo presented Good Night Message.

Good Night Quotes Images For Facebook

Good Night Status Quotes For Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter

  • I don’t want to say good night to you,
    but night is overtaking me and filling
    me with sleep. Sorry for Interruption
    but I need to sleep, Good night.
  • I don’t to sleep but I know that
    I can’t see you with open eyes
    but I can see you with closed eyes.
    Good night dear sweet dreams.
  • Night comes with a good news for
    me every day because in the night
    I can spend more time with you,
    and no one can disturb us.
    Good night dear.
  • I love sleeping because sleeping
    gives me sweetest memories. The
    dreams are sort of happiness and
    hope for me throughout the day.
    So good night dear I want to sleep.
    Sweet dreams.
  • The night comes for me with two
    good wishes and hopes. First one
    is time leisure time to spend with
    my love and dreams to fly in air.
    SO good night dear I have work to do.
  • Wishing you a very happy night in the
    hope of that I will be able see you in my
    Good night dear.
  • I Don’t want to sleep but I have a thought
    that if I would sleep I would be able to see
    you because I am not able to see you with
    my eyes open. So good night.
  • No rubbish just simple wish to you.
    Wish you a very happy night and wish
    you sweet dreams.
  • I don’t want to sleep but I want I can
    sleep if you ensures me to come in my
    dreams and made my night special .
    Good night dear with this hope.
  • I love night because I can spend more
    time with you and can see you with my
    eyes closed. But specially I want to sleep
    because I want to see your face first form
    every thing in the morning.
    Good night.