Goodbye Messages

Here Is A Collection Of Goodbye Messages; Here We Go.


  • One Day i will die without say Good Bye.
    Then you really realize feeling of my heart.
  • Goodbyes Are Really Hard
    But Sometimes There Is O Other Way,
    Don’t Know What To Say,
    But I Am Going To Miss You A Lot,
    Good Bye!
  • There Were Some Ups And Downs,
    There Were Good And Hard Times,
    There Were Sorrows,
    There Were Smiles,
    There Were Laughter,
    There Were Cries,
    But Still It Was All So Good,
    Good Bye!
  • Every Good Bye Is A New Hello,
    Say Hello To The New World,
    Good Bye!
  • I Know I Will Have Some Tears In My Eyes
    But I Am Gathering Courage
    To Say It Out,
    To Hold My Tears And Say
    Good Bye!
  • The Hardest Type Of Goodbyes Is When You Are Not Even Told The Reason
    You Are Just Forced To Say Them,
    You Are Ignored So Hard That You Panic And Helplessly,
    Say It Out,
    Good Bye!
  • We Are Gong To Be Apart
    But Still I Do Not Want Us To Have Any Grudges
    Anything In The Hearts
    Things Happened But I Am Happy We Were Together And It Happened,
    Good Bye!
  • Good Byes Are Never Easy,
    They Are Hard
    No Matter What Happens,
    Memories Haunt,
    I Will Miss You Like Hell,
    Good Bye!
  • I Don’t Know What To Say
    But I Hope One Day
    We Will Again Say A Better Hello
    But For Now
    Good Bye!
  • Things Got His Way, Don’t Know When
    But Now Its Really Hard To Be Apart, No Other Way Around
    Good Bye!
  • I Wish This Goodbye Prove A Lot Healthy For You
    May It Open The Doors Of New Hello’s,
    Don’t Worry About Me, I Will Manage,
    Good Bye!

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