Goodnight Wishes For Her, Him

Him and her has importance in life, without them you have no scope to live so make them agree on all things and say them to do a lot of work all times.

Goodnight Wishes For Her & Him

Goodnight Wishes For Her, Him

  • Don’t be feel fear
    From darkness any time
    Its an door toward success
    For good times and for new start
  • Lights are now shuttled down
    Darkness is here
    So go to sleep and take rest
    Good night
  • I am here to wish you good night
    By sending a kiss of the night
  • Good peoples sleep
    Bad people awake
    But they enjoyed a lot
  • I just want to say you good night
    By my all prayers and by all my love
    So be mine always
    Good night
  • What should I say
    I have no words now
    But I just said it
    Good night
    Sleep tight
  • All will be good if dreams will be good
    So always go in some positive ways
    To make all things good and respondent
    Good night
  • I always think of you
    Before I sleep
    So I said you good night always
    When I miss you a lot
  • I just want to say you
    Happy sleep with new dreams
    And see me in all these dreams
    Good night
  • Night is gift
    For relaxation
    For love and peace
    To make all great
    So be happy always


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