Happy Iftar Greetings and Statuses

Iftar is one of the religious observances of Ramadan and is often done as a community, with people gathering to break their fast together. Iftar is taken right after Maghrib time, which is around sunset. Traditionally but not mandatory, three dates are eaten to Break the Fast.

Happy Iftar Greetings Sms With Picture

Happy Iftar Greetings Sms

  • Happy Iftari to All my Muslim
    May this Iftari lead
    you towards the happiness and love.
  • I know this moment is very hard
    to pass and but stay there. The
    price is all yours. Happy Iftari.
  • These moments are very blessing
    moments try to avail its blessings.
    Happy Iftari.
  • Iftari is a very happy moment I
    know but it is the time of very
    keen importance. Try to avail it.
    Happy Iftari.
  • Wish Happy Iftari to all my friends’
    fellows and family.
  • Wishing you a joys iftari
    with happiness health and
    successful away.
  • May you be blessed.
    by the love of Allah
    and be guided by him in all
    that you do!
  • May Allah’s blessings shine
    always upon you and your
    loved once.
  • May the sweets of iftari
    make your life more sweeter
    in every possible way!
  • As you feast on your iftari
    I wish you all the joys a life
    can bring to share with your
    dear once!

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