Happy Journey Wishes – Journey Sms

We travel many where sometime for good reasons and sometimes for sad, we need some wishes with so here are some wishes to tell others to be happy and wish them save journey, below are some mentions.

Happy Journey Wishes

Happy Journey Wishes – Journey Sms

  • I am going to send you
    Some happy and joyful wishes
    And wish a protective journey ahead.
    Have a save journey
  • When we want to start a journey
    Just take a step. It will be like your
    Initiative towards destination
    Have a save journey
  • I came to hear that
    Your trip is going on
    Towards beautiful valleys
    Have a save journey
  • It’s a chance to enjoy your life
    Because honey moon is auspicious chance
    To stay together, wishing you
    Happy journey together
  • By the passing of year
    A journey goes on
    And we are getting old
    And children grown up
    Have a save journey
  • You are going for studies
    Its also a journey, journey of knowledge
    And journey of competition
    Have a blessed journey
  • Don’t want to leave you now
    Because now I want to start a journey with
    This will be journey of love together
    Have a save journey
  • Don’t lose your faith
    Because I know
    In this journey you will be succeed
    Have a save journey
  • When I start travelling I thought
    It will the most tired and boar work
    But due to beauty of nature
    It become so awesome
    Now you are going on
    I wish you have a save journey
  • I just sent you beautiful wishes
    Wishes for protection, for safety
    For enjoyment and for lovely sights
    Have a save journey
  • With this hope I wish you
    A save journey you got more chances
    Of getting more successful tour
    Have save journey my dear
  • Slow and steady wins the race, as they say,
    brave and also believe just a trip safely.
    You’re safe on this trip. Maintenance.
    Have a save journey
  • Goodbye to you and hello to you in advance.
    Good care of yourself and enjoy the thrill of
    the moment. See at noon. Travel Insurance.
    Have a save journey
  • Difficult for me to let go,
    but I think that this is part
    of the necessities of life.
    It hurts to go, and it pains
    me to say goodbye.
    But what travel insurance.
    Have a save journey
  • Look of it can be the most difficult
    decision for me, but I know I will be
    full of joy when you are back. I see
    this trip did his best. I love you bye.
    Have a save journey
  • Smile step by step how the trip goes.
    Wishes and hopes to return in a safe at all times.
    It is clear that my wish come true.
    I’ll be happier still expensive trip.
    Have a save journey
  • Whatever the distance between us,
    and my heart pulsate always difficult
    in love with you and you alone.
    Affection travel insurance.
    Have a save journey
  • Go good riddance to you my love.
    Savor every precious moment and be back for me.
    You see, I love you.
    Have a save journey
  • Wait to see you in my arms again.
    You have my love sweet trip.
    Have a save journey
  • Thinking about your trip makes me
    lose my mind. I wish I could keep you
    here forever, but this is one of those
    things that can not be controlled.
    I wish you a good trip before my love.
    Have a save journey
  • It may be difficult for me,
    but I can not cope, but we want
    the happiest trip ever. Bon voyage,
    I miss you.
    Have a save journey
  • I understand that this may not
    be such trips you want to take,
    but I see you’re glad you did at the end.
    Be positive friend.
    Have a save journey
  • The difficult road, and the journey
    seems so much? It’s just a matter of
    time and this is your destination.
    Just do not lose focus.
    Have a save journey
  • Do not let what we see now stealing
    sweets that are hidden in this trip.
    Remember that night comes after day.
    Travel safe return.
    Have a save journey

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