Happy Mother’s Day Quotes 2016

Mother is a blessing of God. No love can replace a mother’s love. She give rise to her kids from her womb and nurture her and protects her till the end.

Happy Mother’s Day Quotes 2015

Happy Mother’ Day Quotes Messages For 2015

  • She is a best friend
    She will always listen to you
    She will always solve your queries
    She will always stand by you in your worst time
    Who is she, she is a MOTHER
  • Mother is a treasure
    She is like a diamond
    Time spent with mother is leisure
    Happy Mother’s day
  • she is like a teacher
    She is like a friend
    She is like a sister
    Mother is everyone
    Happy mother’s day
  • Mother, mother, mother
    She is as soft as butter
    She always protects her child like a shutter
    Mother mother, mother
    I love my mother
    Happy Mother’s day
  • For the special woman in my life
    You were always there when I wanted a shoulder to cry upon
    You were always there when I wanted a helping hand
    You were always there when I wanted a shelter
    To the woman who means a life to me –My Mother
    Happy Mother’s day
  • Loving your mom is the first priority
    She stays awake all night long and waits for you
    She stays hungry when you have not eaten anything
    She worries, when her child ill
    She is a miracle
    Lucky are those who have their mother
    Happy mother’s day
  • Her hugs make me feel safe
    Her kisses make me special
    Her lap is the world’s safest place
    Her smile gives me satisfaction
    She is none other than my Mother
    Happy mother’s day
  • Her touch s gently
    Her words are kind
    Her feel is smooth
    Her presence is important
    I love you mom to moon and back
    Happy mother’s day
  • I wish I could fetch starts for my mom
    I wish I could pull the moon down for my mom
    I wish I could fill her lap with all the happiness
    Happy mother’s day
  • You are great
    You are beautiful
    You are kind
    You are smart
    Because you are mom
    I love you mom to bits
    Happy mother’s day