Happy Mother’s Day Jokes 2018

Mother’s Day Jokes 2018 to every Mother. Give your mother some happy moment this mother’s day by sharing with her these funny and refreshing jokes. Wish every Mother a beautiful and great Happy Mother’s day with jokes and make them laugh and Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day Jokes 2015

Mother’s Day Jokes 2018

  • once a baby snake came to his mother worried sick
    baby snake: mom does our poison kill?
    Mother snake: yes, why?
    Baby snake ( with tears ): I Just bite my Tongue, and I am going to die.
  • mom: do you know why computers are smart?
    Kid: no why?
    Mom: because they listen to their mother boards, that’s why!
  • Mom: I want to be pampered on this mother’s day
    kids: okei, what pamper size would fit you?!
  • no matter how old we grow and what we become
    medicine is always given to us by our mothers
  • mom: how was your paper?
    Me: it was good
    mom: good or best?
    Me: best mom.
    Mom: yea we will know once result is out.
  • rick failed in exams and his mom was
    “ don’t know, he studies on his computer all the time and still failed.”
  • kid: mom, do you know there are about 6000 languages in the world.
    Mom: oh that’s great.
    Kid: and no matter what language I speak, I can’t convince you.
  • mom to mother in law: “ my house is your house”.
    Mother-in-law: “ then get out of my property”.
  • Daughter : “mom, what should I get you on this mother’s day?”
    mom: “get me a good doctor for my son-in-law.”
  • mom bought two shirts for his son. Son put on one of them to check and really loved it.
    Son: “look mama, it looks really lovely, right?”
    mom while crying: “ I knew you would never like my favorite color so you did not try the other one on.”
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