Happy Mother’s Day Messages 2016

Everyone has his/her own friend or special person, to who share all feelings and problems. My mother is my friend, I can easily share my all problems to her and she will solve easily. There are some messages which you can share with your friends.

Happy Mother’s Day Messages 2015

Happy Mother’s Day Messages 2015

  • No love is deeper than a mother’s love.
    No love is pure than a mother’s love
    No love is great as mother’s love
    Happy mother’s day
  • You are very special
    You made me learn how to talk
    You made me learn how to walk
    You are my first school
    Happy mother’s day
  • mother you always listen to me
    Mother you always understands me
    Mother you always supports me
    I love you so much my mother
    Happy Mother’s day
  • mother is like a sun
    Mother is like a ray of hope
    Mother is like a candle
    She lit your darkness with her light
    Mother is a miracle
    Happy mother’s day
  • she can listen to my silence
    You can see my sadness
    You can read my mind
    O! Mom you are genius
    I love you
  • You filled my life with colors
    You filled my years with joy
    You filed my months with fun
    You filled my days with happiness
    You are the best mom ever
    Happy mother’s day
  • You are my superwoman
    You are my super hero
    I love you today tomorrow and every day
    Happy mother’s day
  • I am very fortunate to have a mother like you
    I want you by my side 24/7
    I want to sit with you and talk for hours
    You are my best friend mommy
    I love you to perks
    Happy mother’s day
  • Today is a very important day
    A day to celebrate
    A day to enjoy
    A day to show that how much you love your
  • thank you mom for everything that you gave to me
    For all those joy, happiness and laughter
    You are the reason behind my success
    I love you very much
    Happy mother’s day

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