Happy Mother’s Day Poems 2018

Special Happy Mother’s Day to every Mother. Mother is that special mean of prosperity through which we get strength and motivation to bring impossible thing’s possible. Some poems for mother on this special occasion.

Happy Mother’s Day Poems 2015

Special Happy Mother’s Day Poems 2018

  • When heart is broken
    When everyone use you like a rough paper, Throw you to a trash
    That time someone came, touch you softly
    Smoothly gather you, No one else it’s just a mother who do it
    Love you Mama.
  • Shine of eyes, Diamond bead on a piece of silk
    Utmost degree of love, Gather, Make a person know to be Mother
    Love you mother
  • In storm of discourages and failures’, Degeneracy of soul, You Faust me
    You completed me; It’s you and you My Mother
  • The first person who makes me to step was you
    You delicate all your life to make me what I am today
    Therefore today I just want to say your all deeds to me are unforgettable
    And I just wish may Allah fulfill all your desire, health and prosperity to you
    I love you Mama
  • Knocking at the door, waiting for the haggis, I am here to wish you
    Mother’s day with beautiful delights
  • At the other end of the world, Just felt the strike of your hands
    When you fearfully attacked, You slapped and I just get on my knees
    And after that, You started crying
    But I let you what I am today is , Because of your slap
    You made me Mama and I miss you a lot
  • My first guider, My first admirer, My first supporter
    My first healer, It’s all you Mama, My first and last hope in this world
  • When I close my eyes I can feel your presences, When I stuck in some work you guide me
    When I sitting alone you sit beside me, When I cry you softly wipe my tears
    When I suppose nothing left know, You came and show destiny
    No one can do this , Except you Mama
    Always stay with me I am nothing without you.
  • When I sit in examine , And I don’t remember what to write
    Incidentally everything start blinking, And then I write and do superb
    When I reach home , Someone is sitting
    And praying to God, That’s mother
  • In darkest nights , In thundering storms
    In sizzling sunshine of July, In extreme winter’s
    Someone protects me from these conditions, Through itself in difficulty
    But give me comfort, Who else it can be
    It’s Mother.