Happy Mother’s day Sms 2018

Happy Mothers day Sms 2018. Mother is the most precious gift anyone can ever have. God created her with purity. Mother is the most valuable relation on this planet. On this special occasion of mother’s day I just want to thank her for all the difficulties she faced due to me and all I want to say is that I love you much. Happy mother’s day.

Happy Mother’s day Sms 2015

Happy Mothers day Sms 2018

  • I love you a lot mom
    You are very precious to me
    I never want to lose you
    May you live long..
    Happy mother’s day
  • Mother is an asset
    I cannot explain my love for her in words
    I wish her a very long life
    Happy mother’s day
  • Mother is a blessing
    No one can ever replace her
    You have done so much for me till now
    I love you for this
    Wishing you a very happy mother’s day
  • Nobody can compare a mother’s love
    She stays awake all the night when her kid is sick
    She stands with you through thin and thick
    She can beat you with a stick
    But we will still love her with every heart click
  • Mother is the foundation of a family
    When she is with us we live happily
    We must talk to her gently
    We must treat her softly
    Happy mother’s day
  • Mother is child’s first love
    She sacrifices her desires over her kids
    She stands at every step with her kid
    She is like a god on earth
    Happy mother’s day
  • There is no such thing like mother
    There is no such relation like mother
    There is no such institution like mother
    Mother is the greatest gift of god
    Value your mothers.
    Happy mother’s day
  • Mother is a special word
    Like I have never word
    Let me tell this to the world
    That how much I love my mum
    Happy mother’s day
  • Mother is the best teacher
    Mother is the best institution
    Mother is the best cook
    Mother is the best guardian
    Mother is everything
    Happy mother day