Happy New Month Sms

Every month gets along our plans, our goals and right time to achieve all good we can possibly do.
Here are few of the Greeting Message that you can share with your loved ones on start of every month.

Happy New Month Sms

Happy New Month Sms

  • New Month bring new things,
    New Month bring new adventure,
    New Month bring new Hope,
    So that way Happy New Month.
  • Let’s plan good stuff,
    Let’s be together,
    Let’s do hangouts,
    Let’s rejoice the weather.
  • May this month starts with zest to excel
    for you. May you be the star this time.
  • I wish you strength
    I wish you to be wise
    I wish everything that’s likewise.
  • May Allah bless you with strength,
    peace of soul an mind, love of family and friends
    and all the Good happenings this time.
  • May this month, stay good for you both
    professionally and personally.
    I wish you all the success my pal.
  • Thinking of you at the start of this month
    Thinking of all the good times we had
    Thinking of this month to be that good
    Thinking of us to be together again.
  • Wish you a very happy month starting.
    May you be blessed with courage and strength
    for every happening of life.
  • Wish you a very happy month starting.
    May it stands well in your good books.
  • Old days are gone
    A new month has arrived
    I wish I could feel all the way satisfied.
  • Starting this new month with the holy name
    of Allah to bless each of its days with
    happiness and harmony for us all.
  • Wish you a good start of this month with
    pleasant hopes for each coming day.
    I wish you a blessed one.
  • Wish you love
    Wish you joy
    Wish you peace
    My baby boy.
  • Sending my heartiest wishes to you
    on the start of this month that enriches
    your every day with an excess of my love.
  • I wish all the success comes in your way this month
    I wish all this month to be a memorable art of your life.
  • It may be that this month, God heals all wounds,
    and take all the problems they face.
    May God help you and God bless you.
    Happy to be a new month.
  • Time never stops a person steals.
    But my love for you will stay there,
    do not fly or die.
    Have a nice month in advance.
  • I wish you success, happiness and peace
    of mind in this coming month. May all
    good comes your way this time.
  • When you smile brighten my day.
    When you smile, you make me smile when I smile,
    my day there are bright.He smiled and brightness.
    Good month.
  • New month, new challenges, new hope, new goals …
    and I hope to overcome all challenges and
    achieve their goals successfully this month.
    Good month.
  • God may bless you, away from the
    pain and sorrow in the next month.
    You can not get on the problems
    and tensions this month.
    Be a new month is peaceful.
  • It is the beginning, so be prepared with all the
    energy for something adventurous and exciting.
    Be a good month before.
  • Forget the past and welcome
    the new month with all his heart.
    You can have the next sunny days
    and quiet nights. Good month.
    Can this new month brings new
    hope and more money for you?
    You can have a good start and cold months.
  • Continue its efforts and to seek for a better future.
    I hope you will not get what you deserve.
    Good month.
  • Prayed to God at the beginning to help you
    in all areas of life throughout the month.
    Be the month of a new well.
  • I would like to find more opportunities
    to achieve what you want. God bless you.
    Happy months.
  • Does the month of a new sun brings
    success and happiness for you.
    Wishing you a bright new month.
  • Forget the days and nights, high and low,
    good and bad from the previous month.
    It’s time to move on and hope for the best.
    I want the best of the new month in advance.
  • It is time to forget the pain.
    Do not let your efforts go to waste.
    Ready to fight. Seek and earn what you want.
    Good month.
  • I wish you success, happiness and peace
    of mind in this coming month. May all
    good comes your way this time.
  • I know You want a better life
    and everyone is looking for this
    I wish this month will bring you better life
    Happy new month
  • Let’s start new month
    with fresh moods and thoughts
    new and better life is waiting
    step forward for that
    have a beautiful month
    Happy new Month


  1. By Marilyn van Aanholt


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