Happy New Year 2018 – Wishes, Quotes, Images

New year is like a new chapter that is yet to come in your life and your future belongs to your present actions. So all are gifted with beautiful relations in our life but we don’t find little time to wish them at special occasions. We by wishing them in beautiful words can express our thoughts and love for our relations. They will remind them that we deeply love our relations. These words just add love in our relations. Here are few Wishes, Quotes to say at new year 2018 or in advance to people we love.

Happy New Year 2018

New Year Wishes For Parents 2018

  • Only loyal thing that happened to me in my whole life is love of you people, you people loved me unconditionally, you people are my shelter and i want to see you always around me, i just want to say thankyou for everything you did for me. Stay long and happy always. Happy new year.
  • May Allah bring lots of happiness, success and health to you this year, may Allah fullfills every wish of you people and put smile on your face always. Happy new year.
  • Parents are the only people in the world who will stay at your side no matter what happens, so lets not waste a single second and wish them happy new year.
  • Father is like a superhero who gives everything in order to make his children grow, i want you to live thousand years. Happy new year.
  • Happy new year mom, your actions speak your unconditional love for me,your love is like a heaven in this world. Happy new year.

New Year Greetings 2018 For Friends

  • I would never have done all the adventures and experiences if you were not in my little world. Your presence to me is like sense of relief dear friend. And i wish to see you always around me. Happy new year.
  • Time is the one thing that continue to change, new day new goals, believe in you, get up and accomplish the undone, its new beginning and i wish you success and happy new year.
  • Its been years with you, its like shield of love and benevolence and Allah has gifted you in my life adherent and be in the coming year as well. Happy new year mate.

New Year Quotes, Sms For Wife, Her 2018

  • You are the person i see last in the night and first in the morning and your love adds to my strength, i wish to see you always smiling. HAPPY NEW YEAR.
  • Lets welcome new year that is full of things that we have never done. Lets do it in a way that we have never done. Happy new year
  • New year is like a chapter that is yet to be written so lets write it in by setting our goals.

New Year Wishes For General 2018

  • Life is giving you another year to accomplish yourself in the world which only bows before who dares to accept challenge.
  • Define your new year resolution.Mine is too eat well and sleep well and being happy. Happy new year.
  • Nothing in the new year is different then last day, its just your approach that can make difference, just think its another day to do what you never did.